How to Write a Research Proposal?

How To Write A Research Proposal?

How to Write a Research Proposal?

When we apply for research allowances or a study scholarship, we have to submit a research proposal. A research proposal is merely a document stating the type of research that needs to be conducted and the justification required to do so. It presents all the points that are to be covered in the research in great depth. The purpose of submitting a research paper is to determine that the applicant done enough initial research in the area that he wants to study or investigate and that the applicant has managed to identify the issue or problem in his area of interest rather than elaborating it. The proposal will not be used to forecast a result as it is something that can only be obtained once the research is complete. Having said this we need to convince the organization where we are submitting the proposal that a scientific problem exists, these are the steps that we will take to tackle the problem and this will be the estimate expense and time required to undertake this research.

Although there is no definite form of writing a research proposal it is important that before you start doing so you first need to consult the organization where you wish to submit your research proposal for the length, layout, format, and table of contents. The clearer you construct your proposal the better will it be for you.

• Title Page
The title page firstly consists of your personal data. It may include your name of the applicant, academic title, your current position, contact an institution, date of birth, nationality and your contact details. Secondly, it consists of the research title, which is a very important thing to any research and should be chosen with great care. The title should be complete, accurate and descriptive which clearly depicts the area of study. Thirdly, the title page should clearly highlight the period for you research completion along with the name of the supervisor, name of the concerned department related to your research and academic info of other people whom you might wish to collaborate with.

• Abstract
The abstract is a one page summary of your overall research proposal. It is of utmost importance to write the abstract in a very clear, concise and comprehensive manner. Mostly teachers or the concerned people who look into your research proposal might not have time to look in detail so for this purpose they read the abstract to get an overview of the research proposal.

• Review
In this part, the applicant connects his status of research with the research that he intends to do upon approval. We may mention the work of another scientist that might be relevant to our research and the ideas that can back our research. The researcher should also show his familiarity with the ideas that he is linking to his research after which researcher should highlight the problem that will be the driving force for your research.

• Objectives
This is the most important part, as it will highlight the main purpose of your research. Most mentors are interested in knowing the objective of your research because results of the research will be based on your objective.

• Outline
This part is most important, as it will give a quick review of what is being discussed in your paper. When you prepare an outline, your work looks professional and well managed. The outline does not only help the reader but it will also help the writer in writing his work properly.

• Bibliography
Depending on the referencing style, you will prepare the bibliography. This is the section in which you will mention the sources used in your research, their authors, publisher, and page number.

• Editing Once you are done with writing your research proposal, the also a part is to proofread and edit it. This part is done to remove all errors from the paper and provide the best university assignment help to your mentor. You should read your proposal form the eyes of your mentor and do necessary changes in this part.

Concisely, writing a research proposal is not difficult it is just tricky. We just need to keep few things in mind before starting our work. Once the objective is clear in our mind, we can easily write a research proposal and convince our mentor with it. No matter what the topic of your research, proposal of every topic is written with the same method. It depends on your writing style and tones that if the teacher really gets convinced with it or not.
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